Make contacting your company

through your website

quick and easy, just

Yes! Definitely there is potential for you. Anytime a visitor to your website knows who to contact in your company or where you are located, they are more inclined to do business with your organization.

Website Information Page  places that information at their fingertips instantly, directly from your website and its FREE!.

The Website Information Page icon grows in popularity every day. Potential and/or current clients who have chosen to visit your website will recognize this icon as their quick shortcut to accessing contact information about your organization.

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  What is Website Information Page?  

    A simple tool that makes a lot of sense!

Potential clients visiting most websites often become frustrated because they may have to look all over the site just to find the basic contact information they seek.

The location of that information varies from site to site on many of the sites we’ve researched,   ie. “About Us” or “Contact Us”.

We solved that problem!   When the visitor to your website sees the WIP icon they know  they can click on it and immediately gain access to the valuable information they seek about your company. Plus! The information, that you totally control, will always be in the familiar format they are accustomed to seeing on other sites.

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